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Detroit Flava Pack

Vernors vs. Faygo Ginger Ale Flava Pack

Vernors vs. Faygo Ginger Ale Flava Pack

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Get your ginger ale fix with this Vernors vs. Faygo Ginger Ale Pack. Choose Vernors, choose Faygo, or choose them both! Show your loyalty while enjoying your favorite Detroit snacks.

Key Features

  • Drinks: (3) Faygo Ginger Ale & (3) Vernors Pop Cans
  • Chips: (10) Snack Bags of Better Made Chips
  • Peanuts: (1) 7 oz. bag of Germack Detroit Team Peanuts
  • Trail Mix (2): 2 oz. bag of Kar’s original Sweet ‘n Salty® Mix
  • Corn Chips (1): 4 oz. bags of Nicks Hot Corn Chips
  • Apparel: (1) Drawstring Backpack

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