Detroit is rich in art, style and flava

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Detroit Flava Pack is dedicated to bringing the familiar tastes of Motor City, Motown, The D, HOME, to you.

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  • "Fresh Better Made chips and Faygo Red pop transported me back home in no time."

    Mekeisha T.

  • "I was in heaven for 11 minutes, as I tried to savor every crumb and every drop of pop."

    Albany W.

  • "I sent the Detroit vs. Everybody pack to my son in college during finals."

    Tiffani L.

  • "It's the best gift you can give to a Detroiter or anyone you want to experience the flavors of Detroit!"

    Tiffany M.

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Our Brands

Not Mom's cooking, but we can deliver several of our city's classic products like Faygo Pop, Detroit Coney Island, Better Made Chips, Good People Popcorn, Vernors, Sander's Chocolate, and more.

Better Made Snack Foods

Better Made's over 85 years of progress have all been made in Detroit, using Michigan potatoes for ten months of the year and drawing from Mother Nature's harvest for the remainder of the year.

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Nick's Chips

Nick's Chips is a Detroit based brand. With Hot Corn Chips leading the way, Nick's offers more than twenty great tasting snacks. From crunchy potato chips to cheesy cheese puffs, you're guaranteed to be satisfied. Nick's products are made with the finest ingredients and continues to be perfected with the help of loyal customers.

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For years, the only place one could buy a Vernors was from the fountain in James Vernor's pharmacy at 233 Woodward Ave in Detroit. But demand for the drink continued to grow. Soon, soda fountains throughout the city began selling cold, carbonated Vernors.

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A homegrown label, the DETROIT VS EVERYBODY® brand embodies the pride and unapologetic spirit of our beloved Detroit. Consider the DVE brand your official Detroit welcoming committee.

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