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The Sho-Tyme Posse Literary Flava Pack

The Sho-Tyme Posse Literary Flava Pack

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The Sho-Tyme Posse

Join the thrilling journey of the Sho-Tyme Posse, a group of unlikely friends who find themselves in extraordinary adventures. This captivating book weaves friendship, courage, and excitement into a heartwarming tale that both young and adult readers will enjoy.

Key Features:
- Book: Your Brother André's "The Sho-Tyme Posse"
- Drinks: (6) Faygo or Vernors Pop Cans
- Chips: (10) Snack Bags of Better Made Chips
- Peanuts: (1) 7 oz. bag of Germack Detroit Team Peanuts
- Trail Mix (2): 2 oz. bag of Kar’s original Sweet ‘n Salty® Mix
- Corn Chips (1): 4 oz. bag of Nick's Hot Corn Chips
- Apparel: (1) Drawstring Backpack

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